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Set Descriptions


Fully Realized, Fully Customizable


Set includes a movable bar, sixteen chairs, textuered walls, a chalboard menu, and dozens of bottles and cups to dress the set. Every chair and table can move to make way for your vision. Five built-in LED lights with adjustable intensity and color temperature compliment our huge windows and drapes to make for a convinient and artistic shooting environment. 


Achieve A Human Tone


The fully functional and posable hospital bed sits beneath a lit headboard. Scales, monitors, curtains, and tables keep this set grounded in reality. Capture both somber and happy tones with overhead lights including a single kino and an adjustable 4-bank kino. Pull the curtains to create a 360-degree environment, or turn the furniture to create new rooms in a flash.


Rugged and Film-Friendly


Don't let the toilet, chains, cot, and cell bars fool you; there's nothing restrictive about this cell. Every object in the cell can be moved and removed. The cell window looks out on a desk where loved ones can visit your incarcerated character, and the heavy, textured walls tell a story on their own. Includes one overhead adjustable 4-bank kino.