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Non-Alumni Rental Policies

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Facility Rental and Use Policy


This document outlines the policy and procedures for the rental and use of the production suites of the L.A. Film Studies Center (LAFSC).


L.A. Film Studies Center

5455 Wilshire Blvd. Ste. 1615

Los Angeles, CA 90036





  • August 15-May 14

    • Monday through Thursday, 9am-5pm

    • Friday, 9am-3pm

  • May 15-August 14

    • Monday through Thursday, 10am-3pm

    • Friday, closed

  • Office is closed for all major holidays and from December 24-January 1




  1. To request a facility rental, the following is required.

    1. Complete the rental request at the following link. https://cccuweb.wufoo.com/forms/lafsc-facility-rental-request/

    2. Your request will be reviewed in a timely manner and your dates requested checked for availability.

    3. An LAFSC staff member will contact you to confirm your request and give further instructions.

  2. The LAFSC accepts only PayPal payments for deposits and rental fees.

    1. If applicable, a deposit request will be sent to you prior to the rental.

    2. A payment request will be sent to you after your rental.

  3. The following section explains rentals available and pricing information.






  1. Casting Suite ($25/hour)

    1. Features two casting rooms and a reception area.

    2. A $25 cleaning fee will be charged for all rentals.

  2. Production Suite/Standing Sets

    1. The suite features several standing sets.

      1. A hospital room, including bed and medical equipment.

      2. A jail cell, including bed, toilet and cell bars.

      3. A restaurant/bar/café, including tables, chairs, bar, stools, bar accessories.

    2. Each standing set has limited overhead lighting.

      1. Some of the lighting has color temperature control.

      2. Some of the lighting is dimmable.

    3. Rental of the Production Suite includes rental of all the sets and free rental of the Casting Suite for staging use.

    4. Proof of production insurance is required.

    5. Two rental packages are available.

      1. Skeleton Crew Package ($500/day)

        1. There must be less than 15 total people using the facility at one time.

        2. There is an additional $150 cleaning fee.

        3. There is a $500 deposit due prior to rental.

        4. Access card and code must be picked up during LAFSC office hours.

      2. Full Crew Package ($750/day)

        1. There is an additional $150 cleaning fee.

        2. There is a $500 deposit due prior to rental.

        3. An LAFSC representative will meet you at the time of rental.

        4. On-call support is available.


Policy Updated: 3-14-17